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Washing Machine / Dryer connector with Drawer

Price: from 65 / now 60


Connection base for combination of washing machine and dryer. It has a practical drawer for folding or supporting the clothes when leaving the dryer. It is made according to the strictest European standards and combines stability and functionality. The drawer is waterproof and can lift up to 20 kg! The connection base can support devices up to 300 kg!

It stands out because
It saves you valuable space!
Stabilizes and securely holds devices in place during operation
It has a practical drawer that acts as an auxiliary surface for clothes
It is compatible with most washing machines and dryers on the market
It is easy to assemble and install

Technical specifications

Color: White
It is suitable for washing machines and dryers with a surface dimension of 60 x 60 cm
Also suitable for devices with a depth of less than or greater than 55 cm
Has a folding drawer for folding or supporting clothes after washing or drying
A lashing strap is included for even greater stability
Category: Washer dryer Home Appliance Accessories
Manufacturer: WPRO
Factory code: 484000008436


Radiator Water Filter outside

Price: from 18 / now 15€


WPRO - USC100, External filter type (at the back of the refrigerator) with general purpose with buttoned ends for better taste of water and ice. Compatible with all types of refrigerators that accept an external filter. Reduces chlorine, odors, dregs, dirt and rust. It does not change the original water quality. Thanks to the quick connection components, its installation is very easy. It is recommended to replace it every 6 months, for better results

Technical specifications

Filter Life: Liters 5500 lt / Time 6 months
Operating temperature: 0.6oC - 37.8oC (33 - 100 ° F)
Maximum operating pressure: 0.60Mpa (6.0bar)
Shelf life: 6-9 months (2500 lt) 
Flow rate: 0.74gpm (2.8lpm)
Type: Abroad
Manufacturer: WPRO
Factory code: 484000008553


Set of 5 pieces Laundry Net Bag

Price: from 13 / now 11
Zip wash net to protect delicate clothes when washing in the washing machine. Protects sensitive clothes during washing and eliminates the risk of wear and tear on drying. With a double net and a plastic casing, the bag is retained and allows water to pass easily through

Technical specifications

Compatibility: In all washing machines
Dimensions: 15x13x5 cm
Fabric: 100% Polyester
Color: White

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